National Aphasia Association (NAA) Technology Survey
Thank you for participating in the NAA’s Technology Survey. The world of assistive technologies and applications (apps) is always changing, and we are hoping that this survey will help us gain some insights about the technology around aphasia as it is used for therapy, communication, or to help with day-to-day tasks.

If you have questions please email Maya at
Please identify yourself as one or more of the following: *
1. What apps or assistive technologies do you use for aphasia therapy, to facilitate communication or to help with day-to-day tasks? *
4. Do you (or your patients) use apps/technologies that are not specifically tailored to aphasia, such as Alexa, Siri, Facebook Messenger, etc? *
If yes, please briefly describe the applications and how you use them for therapy or how your patients use them to help with communication or day-to-day tasks.
5. Do you use social media for any therapy-related tasks, to find support, practice communication, get information about aphasia, etc? *
If yes, which social media platforms are you (or your patients) using most commonly?
6. Beyond software, what hardware devices are you (or your patients) using? *
7. Do you (or your patients) use telehealth for aphasia?
If yes, via what devices and software is this type of therapy delivered?
8. Do you use virtual reality software for aphasia therapy? *
If yes, please explain how you use virtual reality in aphasia therapy.
9. What application or product that is not already serving the aphasia community at large would you like to see developed?
10. Would you be interested in reviewing apps and provide comments for the NAA in order to help us build a free comprehensive database for the aphasia community? *
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