2019 Abita Springs Whole Town Garage Sale Vendors Application
Thank you for your interest in participating as a vendor at the Abita Springs Whole Town Garage Sale on Saturday, March 30, 2019. The event is hosted and organized by the Abita Springs Trailhead Museum on behalf of the Town of Abita Springs. If you need to speak to a person, please call Trailhead Museum Board representative Martha Gruning at (985) 773-4463.

The cost for one 10' x 10' space is $60. Each additional adjoining space is $40 and must be run by you and not another person. Electricity is not available.

In order to guarantee your space, you must pay in advance by mailing a check made out to TOAS (Town of Abita Springs), Box 461, Abita Springs LA 70420. Do so only after you have submitted this form online. You may also pay by cash or check at Town Hall, 22161 Level Street, 9AM - 5PM Mondays - Fridays. Speak to Niki in the office on the right side of the foyer. Your space is not guaranteed until Niki has your payment and you have received an email from us confirming your participation.

We are changing the process for space selection this year. You will be able to select your space[s] as soon as your payment has been received. You will then receive by email a map indicating all available vendor spaces. Each space will be numbered and you can indicate your preferred spaces. Once a space is taken, it will be marked as unavailable to others and you will receive a confirmation via email.

You may begin to set up your space on Friday after you have received your assigned space or as early as 5AM on Saturday. All roads within the sale area will be closed to regular vehicular traffic at 6AM. A deputy will insure that all vendors' vehicles are off the streets no later than 6:45AM. Monitors will be on hand Friday and Saturday to oversee the proper utilization of all vendor spaces. Official sale hours are 7AM - 3PM.

By completing this form, you agree to abide by the following rules and regulations:

1. You are responsible for paying parish and state sales tax. Every year, we are required to provide all contact info of every vendor and we always comply. Don't get in trouble with the government. Pay your taxes.

2. The sale of the following is strictly prohibited: live animals, tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, firearms, explosives, ammunition, pornographic materials.

3. All items for sale must be displayed within the 10' x 10' space you are assigned. If your display might go beyond those bounds, discuss it with us now rather than when you arrive at the event.

4. This event goes on rain or shine. There are no refunds due to bad weather or 'acts of God'.

5. You must keep your area clean during the event and leave it clean. Be considerate of any smells your food, products, or waste may create. Don't allow it to become a miserable experience for the vendors next to you.

6. No pets are allowed and no alcohol or other intoxicants may be consumed by vendors during the event.

7. Loud noise and boisterous activities are prohibited. Vendors are expected to dress appropriately. Offensive signage on clothing and clothing which is clearly offensive to others is not allowed. This is a family event. Don't create problems for us.

8. Event organizers assume no responsibility for any physical loss or damage at any time to the physical property of any vendor. The organizers are under no obligation to provide liability insurance for the personal property of any vendor or any claims for personal injury, death, or property damage within or around the spaces rented by any vendor.

9. You will indemnify and hold harmless event organizers from any loss, cost, or expense of any sort or nature, including reasonable attorney's fees and costs, and will indemnify and hold the market harmless for any liability to any person on account of any damage to persons or property resulting or occurring by reason of the use and occupancy of a space by a vendor, or for the failure of a vendor to comply in any respect with or to perform any of the requirements and provisions of these rules and regulations.

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