RARC's & BARA's 2018 Field Day Event
On.... June 23rd through 24th
At..... 7000 Nicollet Ave S.
Richfield Community Center
Enter on the lower level only!
What is field day?
It is...

An event which showcases the amateur radio hobby to the general public and local government

An opportunity to build ones radio skills and confidence on the air

An opportunity to try out different radios and modes of operation

A way to give all amateurs a chance to get on frequency bands they might not otherwise be able to

A time to meet club members' families

An opportunity to talk to people from all over the United States and Canada

A way to share ideas, operating techniques and technical advice

A way of testing emergency preparedness skills

A way to honor our fellow hams that have gone silent key

A contest to see how many contacts can be made in a 24 hour period ***

This is a link is a suggested packing list

No Tobacco or Alcohol at anytime onsite!
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Member of?
Shifts (You can sign-up multiple Times & Stations then sleep overnight in the A/C Community Center.)
*Station Operator
*Station Logger
*Experimental Operations
*Above 10m Station
*Safety Officer
* Social Media Person
*Public Greeter (Show & Tell)
*Cleaning Staff
*Work Detail (Setup or Teardown)
*Talk-in Onsite
Talk-in Offsite
Sleeping onsite
Weather Station
Kitchen Staff (Dinner time)
Ham Clinic (Training & Classes)
Youth Coordinator (Keep kids active)
Off-The-Air Activities (Cards & Fun)
Sat 9am - (setup)
12:30-2pm (First Tx @ 1pm)
3:30-5pm (Dinner prep)
5-6:30pm (Dinner)
6:30-8pm (Dinner cleanup)
9:30-11pm (Cracker Barrel)
Sun 12:30-2am
6:30-8am (Breakfast Setup)
8-9:30am (Breakfast)
11-12pm (Cleanup Starts)
12-1pm (Last Tx @ 1pm)
12pm + (Teardown)
Radio Programing Class (Hands-on)
We will help with your VHF & UHF HTs & Mobiles.
...All classes will start out with radio basics for 15 mins
...PowerPoint Demo of that brand's programing instructions only for 15 mins
...You program your own radio for 15+ mins (We will be able to power up your own mobile)

Your Required to bring your Own Radio!!!!

PLEASE SIGN-UP for your particular brand's set time only!

"I need help on this thing!"
Radio Programing Class (Please sign up now!)
(Informal) Ham Clinics... A time to share knowledge with others!
Getting Started...
Study Groups...
Fox Hunting...
Digital communications...
Radio Trivia...
Radio Merit Badge (BSA)...
Ham Projects...
12v or battery systems...
Antenna building...
Solar Power...
Stealth Antennas...
Mobile Shacks...
Emergency Com...
CERT Training...
USB Powered...
AERO Classes...
WX & Skywarn...
Redneck Ham...
Skip and Ducting...
Meteor Scatter...
Power connections...

(We don't guarantee any particular informal clinics but might make a future meeting topic!)

Food & Refreshments
You may set up dinner with our member Louis for a Rib dinner or Pulled Pork Sandwiches before the end of RARC's June 20th meeting or use PayPal for a $15/person charge " https://www.paypal.me/LouisDennard "

You may buy food with our food truck onsite "Finer Meats & Eats"

We will have Free Coffee from "Five Watt Coffee"

Free Ice cold city water

You may bring your own food and refreshments! (NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED!)

...RARC or BARA are not responsible For any paid food options...

For more information contact us
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