The Endless Key
The Endless Key is a nonprofit initiative between Common Sense Media, the Endless OS Foundation and the Foundation for Learning Equality, with the goal of ensuring that internet connectivity does not limit one's access to a quality distance learning experience. Educators, school administrators and education-focused non profits that are approved for this grant will receive a free USB drive that contains interactive educational content and apps that they and their families can use for school, work and play. The content works with or without an internet connection. To learn more, visit

* Please note that we require periodic feedback from evaluators to ensure product and program success.
**The information we collect is only being used to improve our products and to mail the Endless Key. The initiative is currently focused solely in the United States.
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The Endless Key requires a working desktop computer or laptop with the Windows operating system (not macOS, tablet or a Chromebook). Please indicate which type of computer Operating System you are using. *
If you work with school-aged children, what is the most prominent operating system they use for school? *
The cost of the Endless Key is $39.99 to cover creation and distribution costs. Through a generous grant, we have a limited number of Endless Keys available for evaluation. Please indicate your ability to pay for the Endless Key.
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The information you provide below will ensure that we can get your Endless Key to you. We may need to contact you to verify the accuracy of what's entered. Please note that we may direct you to our Endless Key marketplace to place your order.
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Thank you for your interest in the Endless Key!
We are excited to collaborate with content providers, educators / administrators and NGO staff who work with K-12 students, particularly with offline communities. Thank you for helping us reduce the digital divide!
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