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FOR AA and AAA DIVISION APPLICANTS ONLY - assume you have twelve players on your team and the players fall into the following ability levels: one is outstanding, four are solid, two are average, four are below average, and one has absolutely no athletic ability or baseball knowledge. How would you divide your defensive innings in a six inning game among the twelve players? At which positions would you play the less talented players? Would you disallow any players from playing any position?
FOR MAJOR DIVISION APPLICANTS ONLY - Please tell me how you would run the following play from both the aspect of offense and defense: it is a Wednesday night game and there are average runners on 1st and 3rd in the bottom of the 4th and the score is 7-0 for the offense, there is 1 out, the 11 year old pitcher has thrown 79 pitches for the game and you have one capable pitcher who hasn't thrown this week, your other strong pitcher was thresholded on Monday, additionally there are two weak pitchers available, the batter coming to the plate is an above average 12 year old who struggles with base running but has 3 home runs and a .640 average for the season.
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