Educational Dinner Party Questionnaire
Greetings! Thank you for reaching out!

The purpose of this questionnaire is to help us understand the needs & desires of your group!
If you prefer to answer these questions over the phone, please call us at 732-306-8400.

There are many big questions below, but only those with *red asterisks* need a response.
Please only answer the questions that feel most relevant to you & your desires.

After receiving your form, we will get in touch to offer an estimate & a menu proposal, and to schedule your educational dinner party. The cost will likely be approximately $300-600. Cost varies by menu, distance of travel, & size of group.

Thank you for saying YES to the adventure. <3
YOU <3
By what name(s) do you prefer to be called? *
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Please share also any of your preferred pronouns. Thank you. *
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What is your preferred email address (or other preferred contact information)? *
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Do you or anyone in your group have any known dietary needs or restrictions? *
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Please, tell us a bit about the occasion or scene you hope to stir into being.
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Is there a particular cuisine, culture, and/or geography that you would you like to see represented on the table? *
What are your educational priorities? What you most like to feel emphasized during our shared time?
Are there certain menu items or dishes that you already know you would like to see on the table?
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Basic meal structure includes mains & sides. What else would you like to make & enjoy together?
What are your priorities when it comes to sourcing the food, if any (e.g. organic, fair trade, from a particular source)?
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Is it important that animal protein (eggs, dairy, and/or meat) be included in the meal? If so, any requests?
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While we are renovating our kitchen (to transform it into a hosting space!), we are only offering educational dinner parties hosted at your home.

We will let you know if we have particular equipment / serving needs once we have co-created the menu.
How many people can comfortably cook together in your kitchen? *
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How many people can sit around your dining table? *
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Is there anything particular we should know about your home?
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Do you have a particular budget or budget range in mind for this Educational Dinner Party?
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How many people will attend (yourself included)? *
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What is your address? *
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In terms of our presence, would you like us to ... *
When might your group be available for this event? We call it a dinner party, but we're not opposed to lunch! Depending on the menu, cooking will take 2-4 hours, and dinner service will be at least one additional hour.
Note here, please, any specific time availabilities that need be met.
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What ought we have asked that we didn't ask?
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Is there anyone else in your life who might enjoy an Educational Dinner Party? We invite you to forward them this form. Thank you. <3 .
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