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1. What type of VR experience are you looking for? *
2. Please specify your project's type *
3. Which is the total area (m2) to consider for the VR experience? *
4. Is the project already modeled in 3D? *
5. If it is, does the 3D model have furniture and decoration? *
6. If you do need furniture, which is the total area (m2) to be furnished?
7. How many opening/closing items interactions do you need? *
8. How many lightning control interactions do you need? *
9. How many material change (up to 5 different per surface/element) interactions do you need? *
10. Do you require exterior views? *
11. If you do, are the surroundings already modeled in 3D?
12. For the exterior views:
13. What type of file will you provide us in order to assess your project? *
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