SUMRY 2019 Application
Notes: Complete this application by February 15, 2019 to receive full consideration. Project descriptions and an outline of the program can be found at (read those!)

This program is only available for currently enrolled Yale undergraduates

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Minimizing closed geodesics
Primitive sets of polynomials
Multiscale analysis on graphs
Isoperimetric problems
Intersections of virtual multistrings
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Please answer the following questions. These are not essay questions; please keep your answers brief (no more than a paragraph) and on topic.
List all mathematics courses that you have taken at Yale (with grades where applicable). *
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List up to five additional courses (with grades where applicable) outside of the math department that have a significant mathematical component.  For example, you may want to list courses in game theory, econometrics, physics, or algorithms.  If you do not have courses outside of the math department that you would like to list, that is fine. *
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Describe up to three relevant experiences that you have had outside the classroom (such as undergraduate conferences, workshops, or REU programs).
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[Optional] If you have skills, experience, or strong interest in one or more of the projects, briefly describe why it interests you and why you are a good fit for that project.
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Describe what you are hoping to gain from participating in this program. *
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Give the name and email address of one Yale professor who could serve as a reference for you for this program.  We may contact references by phone or email if we have questions about your application, so please choose someone who knows you and could tell us about why you would be a good fit for the program. *
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