Cooperate & Co-create
Cooperate & Co-create
is taking place Online in November 2020
(dates to be defined).

Cooperate & Co-create aims at facilitating and catalizing the transition from competition to cooperation based relationships.
We will be exploring our competences with inclusive and participatory methodologies; developing collaborative and synergic attitudes, design thinking and co-creation skills & self-knowledge. By promoting tools to foster non-violent communication, horizontal decision making and reconnection to Nature, the aim is to promote a more engaged and active participation in collectives and to reframe our place in this world as beings fully connected to and integral part of Nature.

The course will be facilitated by Jose Maria Donado, Valentina Cifarelli, Cecilia Furlan & Genny Carraro.

Training course is financed by Movetia through the interim solution for Erasmus+ for youth workers, youth leaders, teachers, trainers and facilitators (with no age limit) from Italy, Germany, Finland, Hungary, Kosovo, France, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands and UK. Two people can participate from each country.

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