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Please use this form to submit written motions to the Steering Committee to place the written motion on the agenda for the next General Meeting. The Steering Committee may edit the motion and return it to the proposer for their acceptance of the edits. All motions must be completed at least one week before the General Meeting, so that the membership are given proper notice of all motions.
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Each primary motion must have two sponsors. Please add your name here.
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The text of the motion will be edited for proper format and sent to both sponsors to make sure that the authors' intent has been maintained. Please add your email below.
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Provide a short description of what you intend the motion to direct if passed.
Preambulatory Clauses: What is the reason for the motion?
The preamble for a motion explains the reasons for why this motion should be adopted. Each reason given should be a separate clause, beginning with "whereas" and ending with a semicolon. Please be succinct. The Steering Committee may edit this portion for readability, but you have the right to final edit.
Operative Clauses: What are the specific actions being moved? *
The operative clauses follow "it is resolved that" and are the main body of the motion. This is where you put the specific actions that you want the Local to take. Each specific action should mention the specific officer, committee, or working group that you want to take the action. If you want to require the officer, committee, or working group, use "shall," as in "The Secretary shall create a Google form to submit motions." If you want to grant permission to take an action, use "may," as in "The Secretary may create a Google form...." If you want to require action, you might want to provide a reasonable timeframe for completing the action and a report be given to the general membership.
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