Your Intention Statement
This is short, sweet, and SUPER powerful. Take a moment to think about your current health situation. Then answer the questions below as viscerally as you can.

They're a powerful psychological tool, designed to get you clear on what you want out of yourself for your health. The most important & urgent for YOU stuff. So the deeper you can dig --> the more you'll get out of the exercise.

But first - please enter your name and email address below, so that I can email you the link to the Self Evaluation Quiz (the next step) I created to help you find out and prioritise the most urgent conditions you need to address.

Making sure you're solving the right problem will shortcut not just your learning curve, but will get you to your desired solution faster, and with less frustration, pain and cost. At the end of the Quiz I'll share with you how to interpret and work with your results.

Right - it's over to you now.

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What is the one main issue you feel you MUST address right now? This is something that is urgent for you to resolve, as in - you can't put it off.
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WHY is it URGENT for you to resolve this issue now? Why not wait another 6 months?
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What would your life look like when you resolve it?
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On a scale of 1 (not ready) to 10 (absolutely ready) how ready are you to take serious, conscious action to solve this issue? *
Whatever number you gave in your last answer -- why not less? Explain as thoroughly as you need to. *
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I commit to work on this issue urgently and with focus until I get the result I desire. *
By ticking this box I accept & agree that the content of this sheet & the subsequent Self Evaluation sheet is for information purposes only & does not represent a medical diagnosis or advice. I have read the full legal conditions on & will do my due diligence before deciding to take action on anything here. *
* Pease be aware that it may take up to 10 min to get my email confirmation after submitting this form. If you find that it hasn't arrived soon after that - email me on so I can see what went astray. Thank you for your patience.
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