2019 ACCEL Physio Fair Play Cup Reporting Form
BOTH teams must use this form to report the fair play points and the fair play player of the game for the opposing team. If you do not complete this form for every game, points will be deducted from your team's point total.

Good luck in the Cup - and remember to have fun!
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Game Information
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Fair Play Points
(These are the fair play criteria, as established by the MSWSL Rules and Regulations.)
Did your opponents show respect for your team? (positive attitudes, helping injured players, no unnecessarily rough play, no rude or offensive comments or gestures) *
Were your opponents respectful toward game officials? (accepting decisions without protest, no arguing with officials, no back-talk) *
Were your opponents respectful toward their own teammates? (encouraging teammates, staying positive, no negative criticisms, keeping up team spirit) *
Did your opponents demonstrate respect for sporting principles? ( not wasting time, not play-acting, using ethical tactics, supporting principles of fair play rather than win at all costs, not running up score) *
Did your opponents try to make the game a positive experience? (engaging in friendly chatter with opposition and game officials, attempting to defuse potential problems before they get out of hand, leading by example) *
Fair Player of the Game
Please write down the name of one player from the opposing team who you feel best demonstrated the above fair play criteria: *
(Please do not enter just a shirt number - ask the other team for the name of the player if you don't know it.)
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