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How confident are you in managing current behavior problems in your classroom?
How confident are you in your ability to promote students' social, emotional, and problem solving skills?
After redirections, I use positive reinforcement for rule following.
I respond to challenging behavior in a calm, emotionally objective manner.
Coach positive social behaviors (helping, sharing, waiting).
Describe or comment on bad behavior.
Reward targeted positive behaviors with incentives (e.g., stickers).
Praise positive behavior.
Use Time Out for aggressive behavior.
Use Time Away to calm down for aggressive behavior.
Single out a child or a group of children for misbehavior.
Reprimand in a loud voice.
Call parents to report bad behavior.
Ignore misbehavior that is non-disruptive to class.
Use verbal redirection for child who is disengaged.
Use problem-solving strategy with kids (e.g., define problem, brainstorm solutions).
Teach anger management strategies (e.g., deep breaths, positive self-talk).
Use group incentives.
Use emotion coaching.
Model self-regulation strategies for students.
Call parents to report good behavior.
Teach specific social skills.
Use imaginary play/drama, stories and puppets to teach problem solving.
Set up problem solving scenarios to practice coming up with solutions.
Teach children to ignore disruptive behavior.
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