2018-19 TX MUN Committee Chair Application
Being selected to chair a committee for TXMUN is a high honor worthy of individuals with excellent character, a love for Model United Nations, and a desire to serve others. Delegates who apply will be eligible to chair at both Regional and State Conferences. State Chairs will be recognized after witnessing their performance at Regional.

Duties of committee chairs are:
1. Work closely with Secretariat.
2. Author Chair Reports for their committee on time by deadline. Know that your work is the example and guide for all
delegates in your committee.
3. Review all position papers in their committee for award nominations.
4. Be extremely knowledgeable in North American Parliamentary Procedure.
5. Be extremely knowledgeable in their committee structure and topics.
6. Model and Maintain order, efficiency and YMCA core values in their committee at conference.
7. Chairs must serve throughout the events in which they serve; without exception.

Please contact jstruble@ymcadallas.org if you have further questions. You can also refer to our website: www.ymcatexasmun.org

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