Request for Advanced Music Credit - Application Allen I.S.D. Due January 12, 2018
Course Definition
This course is designed to allow students the opportunity to extend their musical education in an enriched, independent curriculum for college readiness. Students must demonstrate a higher level of musical understanding and be able to perform at the highest possible level both as an individual and as a member an ensemble. Students will be expected to demonstrate a high level of critical listening, musical understanding, technical ability, knowledge of the theoretical and historical foundations of compositions and present information in a well-written academic manner.

Student Expectations
This course is designed for students with elevated performance, communication and/or cognitive skills. Due to the independent nature of this course, students who elect to pursue honors credit should be self-motivated and responsible. All assignments will be completed independently with the time-line provided by the instructor.
Admissions Criteria

In order to enroll in any advanced music course a student must:
Be enrolled in a fine arts music performing class (band/orchestra/choir); simultaneously, yearlong course;
Be recommended by their music director;
For the student’s freshman year, have earned a minimum grade of 90 in the subject for which the student applies;
Have a proven history of musical performance beyond the classroom (i.e. Solo & Ensemble, All-Region, etc.);

I would like to enroll in the advanced music program at Allen High School. I understand that this course will not only include regularly scheduled activities (band, orchestra/choir) but will also include additional assignments as specified in the Advanced Music requirements. I am aware that my grade will reflect not only the content and completion of the assignments but also the timely manner in which they are presented. Furthermore, I understand that failure to complete advanced music requirements could result in failure of the course. This is a yearlong course.

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