Accessible Prosthetics Initiative: New Members Application
Thank you for your interest in the Accessible Prosthetics Initiative!
Please fill out the following New Member application.

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Please contact our president, Braden Jamora ( if you have any questions.
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A few Sample Projects (not limited to these projects, can propose your own)
- External & Internal Funding research
- Creating a budget & bookkeeper
- Business plan research

- Research Resources for amputees (list of makerspaces, hospitals, etc)
- Location lookup (coding experience recommended) Given an address, how can we determine if that address is within a certain distance of another address within a database?
- Adding a content management system (CMS) to a Ruby on Rails web application (Rails experience recommended)
- A CMS is similar to, wordpress, etc. It allows you to use a webpage to create new web pages. Can you get a CMS added to our Heroku web application?

- Research Companies & organizations for potential partnership
- Social Media Post Creation: Graphic Design
- Email Newsletter Creation: Writing it, adding images, template
- Inclusion & Diversity: Researching organizations at OSU

- Construct an editable 3D solidworks model of the UnLimbited arm (Novice in Solidworks)
- Sustainability research in materials of building the 3D Printed prosthetic arm
- Create Kinematic Linkage design of unlimited prosthetic arm to see how many actuators are needed & if we can reduce the number of joints
Which group within API would you like to work with? Rank them 1-5 (5-being top choice) *
Business Team
Coding Team
Communications Team
Production Team
What is your interest in the groups you selected above? *
Do you have any projects you would like to work on with API? *
Describe your skills & background (formal or informal) *
How did you hear about us? *
General Body Meetings: 3rd Tuesday of each Month
Thank you for taking our survey!
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