Fit4Dreams and Mums Squad Employment Form.
This form has all the questions and information you need to complete in order to work for Fit4Dreams and Mums Squad. If you do not complete this form you will not get paid if you work at a session.
Working with Mums Squad: Job Description
As a Mums Squad Nanny we expect the best you can offer as a Childcare Services Employee with an emphasis on service.
Our organisation provides a consistent service and you will be reliable, honest, punctual, love children and have a great work ethic.
The children will accept you if you are genuinely warm, welcoming and confident. So will their parents. We expect and require you to build relationships of trust with the children and their parents to ensure both look forward to using the Mums Squad Childcare Service.
At every session it is your job to make sure that the babies and children are professionally cared for so that their mothers and, in some cases, fathers are confident leaving their children with you.
Working hours will be dependent upon session times and you will be paid from 15 minutes before the start time of the first session if you are in therein time to set up and 15 minutes after finish time at the end of session.
It is required that you will arrive early to set-up for the session so that when the Mums arrive with their children you are composed and prepared. This is part of our professional, organised and friendly invitation to all parents before the mums start their session.
It is important they feel comfortable to leave their children with you whilst they train.
You must welcome every Mum to every session and wear a name tag so that they know who they are trusting their children with.
You will be required to read all our childcare policies so you will know exactly what is acceptable at our sessions. You will find them at:

Compulsory requirements:

Hold a current first aid certificate or be willing to obtain one;
Organise your own transport to and from sessions;
Give us 72 hours notice if you cannot turn up to a session;
Attend all staff meetings;
Adhere to our policies and procedures;
Apply for a working with children check before you begin work.

Your wage will be paid at $20 per hour based on the time between your start and finish times.
It is compulsory for you to wear our shirt to the sessions. We will supply you with a Name Badge.
Please wear suitable long legged black pants (track pants or yoga pants) with shoes such as trainers. (The toe must be enclosed - no open toed shoes allowed).
By completing the form below you are acknowledging that you have read and agree with everything set out about Mums Squad and it's employment and childcare policies.

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Working with Children Check
You can apply for a check online at
You will need to submit your form at any Roads and Maritime Services Office along with 100 points of Identification as explained in the online form.
They cost $80 but are valid for 5 years and you can use it to get any childcare job.
Do you have a current working with children check? You can't work at Mums Squad without one. *
First Aid Certificate
All our staff have First Aid Certificates you will need to have one or be booked in to do a course. Lots of Childcare employers look upon it as something you have to have but will will repay you the cost of the course if you work for us for 6 months.
Do you have a first aid certificate? *
If you do not you will be required to get one. We will repay half the fees after you have worked for us for 3 months and repay the full amount after you have worked for 6 months.
What other qualifications do you hold? *
Write down things that would help you be a good Nanny. We are particularly interested in childcare experience but are also interested in people who understand the meaning of good service, know how to welcome people with confidence and have demonstrated a high level of common sense and problem solving.
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Availability to Work
Monday to Friday our working hours are 8am to 10.45am and on Saturdays the start time is 7.15am and the end time may be as late as 11am. Occasionally we will work on a Sunday as part of our Elite Events Program.
What days are you available to work?
Contact Details
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Emergency Contacts
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Emergency Contact 2
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House or Unit Number *
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Payment Details
Bank Account BSB *
This is a 6 digit number which says what bank you use
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Bank Account Number *
This is the number of your bank account
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Tax File Number *
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Name of my Superannuation Fund *
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Working Visa Details *
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Tax Documents Required: Print and Sign
Now all you need to do is complete the Australian Tax Office form you will find at:

This is a pdf form that you can complete on your computer. You can fill it out on line but then you need to print it out and sign it.
You need to hand in a copy on your first day or work save it and email it to us.
Alternatively you can print out the form and hand in the piece of paper to the office or mail it in to 169 Sydney Road Fairlight NSW 2094.
It is illegal for us to pay you if you do not complete this form and submit it to us.
It records your tax file number and tells us how much tax you need to pay.
If this is your main job you can claim the "Tax-free threshold" which means you pay the lowest level of tax.
If you already claim the tax-free threshold from another job it is illegal to claim it from Fit4Dreams and Mums Squad as well.

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