Wild Hog in the Woods Coffeehouse - Audience Survey

The Wild Hog in the Woods Coffeehouse is considering a change to the performance times for the Friday night concerts. Please take a minute to complete this survey.

1) How often do you attend events at the Hog?
2) Would you be more likely to attend a concert held from
3) Would you be more likely to volunteer to set up/take down, run sound, or provide bakery if the concerts were held from:
Use the following space to provide thoughts, ideas, reasons why you chose the times that you did.
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4) As the Madison Metro Bus considers moving routes to Williamson St., please add/note how you get to Wil-Mar/Wild Hog events and if moving the routes would affect your being able to attend.
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5) The Wild Hog is a volunteer-run cooperative and all members are encouraged to volunteer. We ask working members to commit to volunteering at least 3 times per year. Are you interested in helping with any of the following?
Please leave your name and email/phone if you would like us to contact you.
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