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Thank you for participating in this brief survey. We want to offer Releasing The Writer Within on the best day of the week at the best time of day, so your feedback is important. While we cannot please everyone's schedule, we hope to find a day and time that works for everyone who is interested.

About Releasing The Writer Within

In this workshop the non-writer and writer alike will learn the benefits of having fun with words, phrases, paragraphs, and pages. Students will engage in powerful writing exercises that are designed to expand the mind so that composing will be fun and effortless.

As we get older and move through school and work, our time and space to write becomes smaller and smaller. Coupled with messages about our writing from past teachers, parents, siblings, or friends, letting that inner writer shine can be difficult. In this workshop, students will learn skills that will help them to help release their inner writer in a fun and creative way. Writing will become a tool to boost the mood and lighten the load of every day living.

This workshop is designed for everybody, writer and non-writer alike. Whether you have a writing goal (novel, article, essay, thesis) or just enjoy journaling or have never written creatively, this class will change the way you approach your writing and maybe even your life.

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