Proposal for Midwest edTPA Conference 2018
The Il-TPAC State Conference Committee cordially invites you to submit a proposal for presentation at the 2018 Midwest edTPA Conference, Raising the Bar. This conference is designed to bring midwest states together to share best practices for implementing the edTPA in increasingly robust ways that use the process and subsequent data to strengthen teacher preparation programs.

We are looking for proposals that address promising practices, lessons learned, policies and research that contribute to meeting the demand for preparing excellent teachers who will increase student achievement in schools and build world-class professional learning communities!

The conference will take place on Friday, May 4, 2018, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. at the Illinois State University Alumni Center in Normal, IL. The deadline for submission is December 15, 2017.

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There is a 75 word limit for each of the following sessions. Objectives, Abstract and Activities (audience participation). Prepare all sections for publication in the Conference Program.
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1. Preparing Candidates for the edTPA (Proposals in this strand might: share the experiences that candidates have prior to student teaching, show how programs map the edTPA into curriculum, discuss the sequence of preparation experiences or signature assignments, discuss challenges and solutions, focus on a specific content area such as special education,…)

2. Honing Candidate Support (Proposals in this strand might: share what kind of support happens during and after student teaching, discuss lessons learned about retake and support, share policies and practices for retake support, examine challenges and solutions, …)

3. Sharpening Academic Language Mindfulness (Proposals in this strand might: build greater understanding of academic language and share ways that is accomplished in their programs, discuss how academic language is integrated into coursework, examine ways to help candidates break down standards and objectives and use academic language in instructional activities, … )

4. Establishing Effective P-12 Partnerships (Proposals in this strand might: share ways of communicating expectations-the relationship of edTPA to licensure and alignment of the edTPA with the teacher evaluation system, how programs effectively recruit and onboard K-12 partners and teachers (online and in-person formats), …)

5. edTPA Research and Data Use (Proposals in this strand might: discuss ways to use edTPA data, share ideas for formal and informal research that focus on candidate growth and/ or program improvement and/ or accreditation,…)

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Deadline for submission is December 15th.
Acceptances will be sent by February 1st.
Confirmation for Presenter Attendance and Registration is required by February 9th.
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