Bryan Baseball Registration
Please complete all questions and submit. Payment information will be sent to you in a separate email and is due March 1st. Opportunities to decrease your fee will be provided using our $5 raffle tickets.
Select the age/grade appropriate league for your child (Age as of May 1 and/or current grade): *
The BBA is in discussion and considering allowing some ages/grades of players to play up a league under the following circumstances: 1. There are roster spots available on teams. 2. The player attends an evaluation and ALL coaches agree that he/she is physically ready for the league. 3. Parents agree to BBA terms in regards to playing time, etc that will be provided.
In an effort to combat our increasing costs and to help decrease family cost the BBA is going to allow all players/families to sell $5 raffle tickets. All families are entitled to an amount of tickets that equals the amount of fees that are due. You may put your name on all of them or sell them to reimburse yourselves for the full registration amount. 100% of your ticket sales will go directly to your families overall registration expense. Those who want raffle tickets will be emailed additional information in regards to ticket pick up dates and times. *
Form of preferred payment. *
Family Cap is $200 *
We would like to help out a child/family who is experiencing financial difficulties. We would like to pay additional money to be used for the registration of a child in need of assistance. *
NEW FOR 2019 - BRYAN BASEBALL PROGRAM We would like to purchase a good luck ad/message for our child(ren) in the 2019 baseball program. Business card size for $20. Proceeds will be used to offset cost and to purchase bats for each league. *
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