Food Preservation: 101 Scholarship Application
Learn the basics of food preservation so you can eat well year round by filling your pantry and freezer with the bounty from your garden! Participants will learn how to safely and economically

preserve fresh fruits and vegetables. Demonstrations will be in canning methods, freezing methods, and dehydration. You will learn what equipment is needed and proper storage methods. Participants receive printed materials and recipes, enjoy an extensive Q&A at the end of the class from the panel, and taste sample preserved products. Each participant will also be able to take home a sample of one of the food items they’ve learned how to preserve! Registration Limited!

To register, please take a moment to fill out this quick survey. Your responses will remain anonymous when being shared outside of this organization. We will only share overall statistics in order to apply for funding. We will ask you to also take a post-event survey for these purposes.

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