JIBA Fund Request Form
1. Identify the amount and purpose of the requested funds.
2. The Treasurer and/or president will process the request according to the amount requested.

Examples of JIBA Fund Requests: 1) We bought a vacuum cleaner for Jones. 2) We gave two Jonesians on the frisbee team money for their tournament.

Fiscal Year 2016:
JIBA Fund total budget = TBD

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Is anyone else involved with this project/idea?
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Amount Requested
The following question asks you to approximate how much money you are asking for. JIBA fund requests are processed according to the amount requested.

less than $50: Requires approval of the Treasurer or President
$50-100: Requires approval of the Treasurer and President
more than $100: Requires a simple majority approval at cabinet

How much money are you asking for? *
Can be a range, max/min, or just a number. If possible, detail where/how the money will be spent.
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