An initiative for car owners in Pune
Do you own a car? Please fill these 12 questions.
It will take under a minute to fill, and we will be able to test if there is consensus on the pain points when fuelling your car.
How long do you spend once you enter until you leave a pump?
How often do you fill fuel in a month?
What amount do you usually fill fuel for?
What is your choice of payment at the pump?
Is your car idle once parked in office?
Do you sometimes skip filling fuel seeing long queues at pumps?
Do you sometimes skip filling air seeing long queues at pumps?
Do you have a driver?
Have you ever paid for valet parking?
Would you be interested in a service that fuels your car after it is parked in office?
What is your biggest concern in such a service?
How likely are you to use such a service, if your office offers this to you as a perk?
What is the biggest reason you would use this service?
I currently work at...
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