Study vs Streaming Services
This survey is for my VCE informatics studies and is 100% anonymous with all information being stored securely. This is a survey containing questions relating to streaming services (such a Netflix) and their potential to distract towards students from their studies. If you do not wish to complete the survey please close this page, if you wish to continue with the survey please answer all questions truthfully.
Thank you for you participation.
Which school year are you in?
In your opinion, do you study less due to the availability of streaming services (Netflix, Stan, etc.)
Which streaming platform do you use?
What are your preferred Movie/TV show genres?
I mostly watch
Do you binge watch TV series?
What is the longest binge session you would have? (hours)
Do you ever watch streaming services while at school?
Do you stream content while you study?
Estimate how many hours do you spend your time watching streaming services per week?
Which days are you most likely to watch streaming services?
Do you have any other time commitments that stop you from studying?
Do you study more in the fortnight prior to a sac or exam?
Estimate how many hours per day you spend studying
Typically, on which days do you study?
Why do you watch streaming devices?
On which of these device (you can click more than one) do you watch streaming services?
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