Unfamiliar Heroes Participant Survey
This project includes an audio podcast as well as text based games.
This illustration depicts three characters, each from a different genre of story, and each with a disability. On the left is a black gnome archer riding in a chariot pulled by a large brown dog. The chariot has a chair in it so that they can sit instead of stand. In the middle is a Latina woman manipulating a tech device on her wrist as she begins to go invisible. She is wearing an air filtering mask of the type that people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity sometimes wear. On the right is a white muscular superhero wearing a very gay, blue superhero outfit. He has lightning crackling between his two hands, which are shaped atypically. This beautiful work of art was created the amazing Rose Adare!
Name *
Please give me the name you want me to use when interacting with you.
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Name to use publicly on the podcast or in print
If you have a different name you want to use for this project please give that here.
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Pronouns *
What pronouns do you want me to refer to you by? Examples include she/her, he/him, ze/hir, and they/them.
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Other contact information
If you have a preferred contact method other than email, please state what that is and how to best make use of it.
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Please tell me a bit about yourself including any personal experiences or oppressed identities you are willing to be publicly open about *
All players are required to have a physical disability, a chronic illness, or a diverse brain/mental illness. This is not required for game masters, but it is preferred. In addition to disability, I am interested in knowing about race, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, and other marginalized identities. Do note that I will be prioritizing participants with experiences and identities that are frequently marginalized.
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How aware are you of the different ways that oppression operates? *
This includes oppression you experience and areas where you are privileged. In this podcast I am trying to balance a desire for players who are aware of oppression so that we can avoid reproducing it with the knowledge that awareness of oppression can itself be connected to privilege.
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What experience do you have with role-playing games? *
It is okay if you don’t have experience
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What role are you interested in? *
What genres, settings, and role-playing systems are you most excited about?
Examples of genres include high fantasy, urban fantasy, scifi, and supernatural. Examples of settings include Star Wars, anthropomorphized animals, and wizard schools.
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Would a text or audio based game work best for you? *
Can you record in person in Seattle? *
This is primarily for those doing audio recordings. My current recording space is centrally located, bus accessible, somewhat imperfectly wheelchair accessible, scent free, and has cats.
Would playing and recording remotely over the internet work for you? *
I am currently planning on using Google Hangouts to record audio podcasts. The requirements to participate using this system are a computer that works consistently, a Google+ account, head phones of some kind, and a reasonable quality microphone (the kind that comes with a standard headset should be fine, I might be able to set up a microphone loan for those without one). When it is time to record I can give participants step by step instructions. I am still looking into options for text games but they would require a computer with internet access.
Are there any accommodations you need to be able to fully participate?
Keep in mind that accommodations can be physical things, but they can also involve behaviors people engage in, social environments, or even desires for styles of game play, such as participating in a game that has little to no violence.
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Is there anything else you want me to know?
This may include events that may need to be scheduled around (anything major within the next year as gaming can take a while to plan and schedule), ideas you have for characters or settings, or other skills you would like to donate to this project.
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