SG Coach Technical Level 1 /NROC Qualification Process
This form is part of the SBSA NCAP Technical Level 1 Recognition of Prior Coaching Experience Assessment for those applying to obtain SBSA NCAP Technical Level 1. Please provide scanned copies of all certificates or documentation as proof of your qualifications.
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Applicants to provide summary of evidence of their understanding based on the mentioned perimeters.
Growth & Development
1) Understanding the psychomotor, cognitive, and affective phases of development in the following age-groups: 6-11yrs
old & >15yrs old.
2) Develop appropriate skills, strategies and activities for each age group
Summary of Evidence *
Role of the Coach
1. Develop a personal approach to coaching (coaching styles, communication, and philosophy)
2. Understand the athlete’s reasons and motivation for participating in sport
3. Mental skills training
a. Understand the importance of developing an athlete’s mental skills
b. Apply basic motivational techniques
c. Understand the basic principles of effective goal-setting (S.M.A.R.T)
d. Understand the effective principles of effective imagery
e. Understand how self-talk affects performance
4. Develop positive attitudes towards sportsmanship and fairplay
Summary of Evidence *
Sport Safety
1. Legal responsibilities of a coach
2. Risk management and minor incident management procedures
3. Drugs in sport
Summary of Evidence *
Planning and Reviewing Training Sessions
1. Understand the benefits and importance of planning for both short/long term training session(s) and periods
2. Understand the sequence and elements of training components to help plan a training session
3. Understand the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) training plans (yearly, monthly, weekly)
Summary of Evidence *
Development of Sport Skills
1. Understand stages of player development, learning styles, and player development
2. Technique based vs. concept based (Game Sense) approach
Summary of Evidence *
Fundamental Softball Skills/Concepts – 1
1. Fielding positions
2. Selecting and using a glove
3. Catching and throwing
4. Fielding (ground/fly balls)
5. Basic pitching technique
6. Basic catching technique
7. Basic hitting technique
8. Base running
Summary of Evidence *
Fundamental Softball Skills/Concepts -2
1. Sliding (bent leg & fig. 4 slides)
2. Bunting (sacrifice/surprise)
3. Making the force play
4. Tagging the runner
5. Position specific skills, duties, and responsibilities
Summary of Evidence *
Analysis of Softball Skills
1. Understand the concepts essential for analysing skills
2. Able to observe skills systematically
3. Able to develop a skills checklist
Summary of Evidence *
Physical Preparation
1. Understand the functions of:
a. The different energy systems
b. The muscular system
c. The cardiovascular system
d. The different components of fitness
e. The importance of warm-up and cool-down
Summary of Evidence *
Rules of Play and Modified Games
1. Basic rules of play
2. How to use a rule book (Rules in Pictures – Scenarios, Rules Quiz)
3. Modified games specific to age-group and/or ability levels (e.g. Diamond Ball, Tee Ball, 3 Pitch, Fast Track)
Summary of Evidence *
Philosophy & Ethics
1. Practise a transparent player selection process while building a team
Summary of Evidence *
I declare that, to the best of my knowledge, all the above information provided is true.

I also agree to pay a $200.00 conversion fee to SBSA and should my application be denied, the full amount paid will be refunded to me.

Furthermore, I understand that it is up to the discretion of SBSA to decide to convert my existing qualifications and coaching experience at its discretion.

Lastly, I also understand that, as part of this conversion, I will be required to commit to attend a Rule of the Games workshop run by our Umpire-in-Chief (UIC). They will also have to clock at least 5 games per calendar year.
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