Deploy on Omni & get featured by us!

Welcome to the Omni Testnet! If you’re considering deploying your app on Omni testnet (or already have), we encourage you to submit your project details here.

We are running a testnet campaign and feature selected deployed partner applications as missions for our community ( We help our partners market their project and educate Omni community about them through tools such as a Galxe campaign, blog post, announcement tweet, AMAs, user walkthrough guide, etc.

Benefits of deploying on Omni and participating in the campaign include:

  • Significant boost in usage (each past campaign brought 100k+ users to our partners’ apps)
  • Addressable market expansion (Omni helps you accept users & liquidity from all rollups)
  • New exciting functionality for your app (omnichain NFTs/ tokens, cross-rollup defi, etc.)

Please fill out this form to enable our team to evaluate your app’s potential as a mission and ensure the Omnitron community benefits from your unique offering. Once you finish, reach out to PJ on TG @Prajjwal08. 

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Briefly describe your project, its goals, and its core functionality. 
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Elaborate on how your app could leverage Omni's unique cross-rollup functionalities.
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By submitting this form, you agree to provide Omni with accurate and truthful information about your project. Any misleading or false claims may result in removal or rejection from the Mission Center. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
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