Original Emerald Sound & Guard Uniforms - FOR SALE

Bring home a piece of Riverbend Band history! The original RHS marching band uniforms have been worn in performance for the final time. These uniforms have been in use for 15 years!

We are selling these uniforms in order to make room for our new uniforms and to ensure our alumni, who spent their high school careers in these uniforms, have a chance to own their piece of memorabilia. Alumni will have the chance to own these uniforms at a first-come-first-serve reservation basis for a week. After July 27-31, any current band member may purchase a uniform as well.
***Days and hours for payment and pick-up TBA for current RHS students.

Option 1: You may reserve specific uniforms and shakos if you remember your uniform ID numbers. If they are available, they will be reserved for you. However, if a uniform/shako number has been reserved by multiple people, I will honor the person who filled out this form first via the timestamp. If your uniform is not available when you arrive, you may pick any other uniform.

Option 2: If you want to purchase a uniform, but do not care for any specific one, you may pick from the selection of uniforms that have NOT been reserved.

Bundle 1: Jackets with capes will be sold for $50
Bundle 2: Jackets with capes, shako, and plume (green or white) will be sold for $75

AFTER filling out this form, please pick up and pay for your uniform next week in the band room and follow the below instructions:

-Use the back band room door (C11) and NOT the main entrance of the school.
-You must be wearing a face mask.
-Only 2 people may enter the band room at a time.
-Practice social distancing as much as possible.
-Hand sanitizer will be available at the door as well.

I will be in the band room each day next week from 10:00am - 4:00pm for uniform payment and pick-up. Payments should be paid by check and made out to RHS BPA.
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