The Israeli Model United Nations Association (IMUNA) has opened applications for the position of the Spokesperson.
The accepted candidate will be appointed to serve as the Spokesperson of IMUNA and will be tasked accordingly.

-Write professional Press Releases, as well as Standard informational Releases.
-Create prepared statements (Print, Video, Soundbytes) to provide journalists with information when they reach out to IMUNA on expected topics.
-Creating media package
-Speak Publicly at interviews, press conferences and presentations.
-Respond to enquiries from the public, the press and related organizations.
-Build public relations strategies that influence public opinion and promote projects and ideas.
-Attend promotional events such as formal visits, press conferences, tours and more.
-Analyse media coverage + social media coverage.

Key skills needed:
-Excellent communication skills in writing and speaking in English and Hebrew.
-Excellent interpersonal skills.
-Good IT skills.
-Presentation skills.
-Ability to prioritise and plan effectively.
-Awareness of different media agendas.

The accepted candidates will be accountable to the IMUNA CEO and therein the IMUNA Executive Board.
Select accepted candidates may also be consulted to be assigned to other tasks and/or positions, including but not limited to: Executive Assistant, Academics, Conference Supervisory, Events / Projects, Marketing, Fundraising or Special Consultant, working in tangent with the appropriate individuals in IMUNA and abroad.

* By filling out and submitting this application you acknowledge that the positions are unpaid but require commitment and high level of responsibility.
** The positions are open to students and young professionals alike.
*** IMUNA reserves the right to accept or reject any candidate without the need to disclose the reason for their decision.
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