Volunteer Application Form
Thank you for considering to volunteer. We welcome volunteers to apply who have skills in the following areas; Media, Video and photography, Corel draw designing, ICT, Social media, Interviews, Article writing and reporting, Program implementation strategy, and more.

Volunteers commit their time, effort, skill and resources to the success of our programs as they benefit and improve their skills from learning and engaging with us. We accept only a limited number of volunteers. Applicants aspiring to just participate as a Volunteer but were not previous fellows must work as a volunteer for a minimum on 6 months - 1 year.

Fellows who desire to be volunteers for subsequent batches after training are automatically accepted.

To Volunteers:
Please fill out our volunteer form.
Help equip our African youths with necessary leadership and social entrepreneurship skills that make sure that our programs run smoothly.

We cannot do this without YOU!!!

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What skills do you posses and what are your achievements?
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