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Binary Mission

Binary is an organization that creates opportunities for student’s interest in experiencing hands-on, immersive theatre with other students. We create a safe environment where students can collaborate with one another in the design, acting, directing, and technical fields.

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Binary Representative Description

Binary Theatre Company is a student run theatre company on ASU’s Tempe Campus. The various representatives sit on the board and collaborate to keep things running smoothly. We decide our seasons based on student proposals and usually produce three shows a semester. Our board members are unpaid, however, we do receive class credit for our work. The position should not be taken lightly, many hours go into producing shows and successfully mentoring students that work with us. If you are interested, please apply below and you will hear from us soon!

Available Board Positions:
Lighting Design Representative
Sound Design Representative
Scenic Design Representative
Company Treasurer
Media Design Representative
Stage Management Representative

A Board Member for Binary Theatre Company is responsible for mentoring and communicating with respective members of each production team on the Binary season. They attend weekly board meetings to discuss upcoming events and company policies and procedures. An effective board member has the ability to problem solve, communicate well, and manage their time effectively. A board member knows how to work quickly, efficiently, and collaboratively. Binary Theatre Company is run by the board; Board members are expected to make their position a priority and should ultimately strive to make the company succeed.

Apprentices should possess all of the above qualities, but are not expected to attend every meeting. If chosen, they will be mentored by current Binary Representatives in their respected areas. This apprenticeship is considered a training process in becoming a Binary Representative and will be a part of helping develop the apprenticeship program for future seasons.

With any questions of concerns, please contact Binary's Company Manager at

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