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The questions below are your first touch point with our team. Please do provide as much information as possible. We need to be aware of all aspects of your project so that we can have a fruitful first meeting.
Even if we don't proceed with a contract, we are happy to share our inputs and ideas. 

What happens next:
After we receive the filled form, we'll review and do some research. If we can help, we'll set up a meeting to ask questions and find out more. If we can't help, we'll be sure to provide advice and point you in the right direction. After the meeting, a project manager will send you a proposal and a contract. For smaller and more urgent projects, we'll be sure to work faster to help you move forward quickly. 

Any information provided in this form will be kept strictly confidential.
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Tell us what you want to achieve, specifications you may have and any constraints. Please share any files as links (Google Drive, DropBox or WeTransfer), some people even send us videos. If you have a list of specifications, now is the time to share it. Information on similar products, videos and even sketches will be very helpful. Some clients find the best way to communicate this is to use the 5W1H method - Who, What, When, Why, Where and How.
Tell us more about your ideal user *
Give us more information on where this solution will be deployed and who your ideal user is. It would be helpful to think of scenarios and situations where your solution will be used and how. How will it make your user's lives better?
How can we help you? *
Let us know how you think we can help you with your idea. What are your expectations? Do you need us to think of ideas to solve the problem? Do you want us to build prototypes and test your ideas? Do you need help with electronics? What type of prototypes are you looking for? Do you want us to manufacture?
What is your project budget? *
Budgets are an important part of projects, there are costs associated with parts, time and expertise. You have to be realistic at this point. It's just not possible to build a rocket with $10000.
What is the timeline on this? *
It's important for us to know how long we have for this project. It helps to plan the timeline and our resource deployment.
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You can give us your name and website, if possible.
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Give us your international dialing code too (+00). Thank you.
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