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Luntiang Aghama Natural Divine Arts Shrine of Healing Inc. is a Religious Organization that is registered to the Philippines Security and Exchange Commission. In order to become a member of the Shrine, you must read and agree to the following terms and conditions of the Shrine.
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I. Declaration of Faith
We Believe in One God. We believe that God is manifested in many forms; God is manifested in a form of male and female; young and old; and in multiple aspects as man could understand most.

We believe that God is the Creator and the one who instituted life on this world. We believe that God is the one who creates the heavens, the earth, and the other worlds; as God creates the plane of existence, God also install caretakers of these planes.

We believe that we are the creation of God; we believe that as creature of God, God has a special manifestation within us that is unique from each of us; a signature of God that gave us the Divine Lineage of Power as a Co-creator and caretaker of the Plane of Existence where we dwell.

We believe that as a creature of God, we are one of the manifested form of Divine Power, the Power of the Divine that is within us all.  We believe that as manifested form of Divine power, we are made with a purpose; and that purpose is the reason why we are living/ manifested in this plane where we live.

We believe that we live our life purpose until we reach our goal in becoming one with the Divine Power, for we believe that our Life comes from the Divine, and to the Divine will our life return.  We also believe that our life here on this plane of existence is a training ground where we will learn how to serve our purpose well; a school where we can train and enhance the Divinity within us.

We believe in reincarnation as a means of our real self in accomplishing our life purpose to achieve the ultimate goal of reaching divinity within one self. We believe that as we were born in this plane of existence, we are given guides to help us learn and evolved with us.  They were also born as we were born, and evolve as we evolve.  We believe that these guides are also part of us, of our real self, coming from our ancestors, and from our previous incarnation; these guides are one with us and within us, learning with us in our present plane of existence until the time we are truly be one with them and to the Divine.

We believe in many plane of existence as other traditions have taught. And to simplify these, we categorically believe in the Underworld, Middle World, and the Upper World. And presently, we who are alive are living in the Middle World.

We believe that Underworld is place where growth and renewal begins.  As there is beginning, there will be an ending; and in every ending there’s a hope of new beginning. We believe that we as human live presently in the middle world together with other creatures seen and unseen to live harmoniously in co-existence with one another. Plants and animals alike are all created beings by the Divine Power equally to serve their purpose in symbiotic manner.

We believe that the Upper world is the bringer of light that signifies time on us here on the middle world. The Upper world is a place where light comes and occasionally pour their blessings unto us through rain. In the upper world, we can access our guides to be our light; we can access inspiration from them that we can enact it to our present life in this plane of existence.

We believe as a living creature, we can co-exist with one another.  The key for this harmonious co-existence is through the virtues that been taught to us by the Aghamic prayer. We believe in the power of prayer as a means of communication to the Divine.  It is also our mean of communication with the unseen.  Through prayer and constant communication, we develop personal relationship and intimacy with the Divine and with our guides.

We believe in Magick as an innate ability of every individual to create change.  This is the ability that we have since birth as a sign our Divine Lineage that been passed unto us by our ancestors. And with this ability we congregate ourselves to develop it and direct it to create beneficial change to our society.
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II. General Membership Code of Conduct
An individual Member who is in good standing with the Shrine must possesses a strong family values.

The Shrine sees the Family as basic unit in the society where moral values and right conducts are inculcated among its members.

The Shrine values respect towards one’s own parents as the Divine’s agent of giving life to every individual.
We see our parents to be the inheritor of our ancestor’s role as the Divine co-creator thus passing to us the responsibilities and duties of this divine mission.

As an offspring of our parents and ancestors, we are to take pride with honour and dignity of the credibility of the Name our ancestors worked hard for as they passed it unto us.

We as a Shrine work together for good as a Family work together for their sustenance and preservation.
We do not harm one another in thoughts, words or deed.

As a family creates a home; so as our shrine creates a home where safety and comfort can be found.

A home whereas its member can find solace through communication, cooperation and coordination to achieve spiritual growth and advancement in harmony and at peace with each members.

A Family that does not tolerate misbehaviour of its member but confront the family member to correct their ways.
As member of the Family, we give respect and support to one another’s idea. We allow the practice of Free Will towards one another as long as it harms none.

We as Family, value the cultivation of individual’s faith and spiritual growth. No two individual are the same; thus we value and respect the uniqueness of each individual difference.

Though we acknowledge individual differences among each member, our relationship with one another will not be diminished but instead will be strengthened by our commonality.

Having Faith is very personal and individualistic. No one can have faith for the certain individual sake, but the individual only. In having Faith there are no proxies.

Each individual members of the Shrine is responsible in cultivating their own faith, so as every individual is also responsible in moulding their own destiny.

The Shrine responsibility towards each member is to provide them a safe, non-threatening and non-judgemental venue in cultivating each individual’s faith towards their own spiritual growth and advancement.

We do not give time to rumours. We value what is right and true. And our concern is for our own spiritual growth and advancement without degrading or stepping on others shoes. We have our own eyes to see. Ears to hear. And Mouth to speak. We have our hands to work and feet to walk. And with all of these, we live an honourable life.

The Shrine values the constant sharing of thoughts, ideas and concerns to each member. Through this, harmonious relationship with one another will develop. Constant communication, cooperation and coordination are what we are building within our shrine.

And finally, we see each other as the manifested vessel of the Divine. And with these, we give respect towards one another as the other is the manifestation of the Divine. The Goddess and the God is within us all. And if the Goddess and God are within us, we will not aim Harm to one another but instead love one another as the Goddess and the God loves us all.
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