PyCascades 2020 Opportunity Grant Application
We are committed to diversity and aim to provide opportunity grants to a diverse group of attendees.
If you require grants in order to come to PyCascades, please fill in this form.

You can apply for grants to help cover expenses such as:
- traveling to conference
- accommodation during the conference
- childcare during the conference

Grant applications will be reviewed in two phases:
Oct 14th, 2019 AoE
Review of grant applications for accepted speakers. If you have submitted a talk, and require a grant in order to attend and speak at PyCascades, please apply by Oct 14th, 2019.

Nov 15st, 2019 AoE
Review of grant applications for everyone else. Please apply by Nov 15th, 2019 AoE if you require a grant in order to attend PyCascades.

To learn more about PyCascades, visit our website:
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Please describe your travel plan. Where are you traveling from? Provide an itemized plan including your flight ticket and hotel accommodation costs. If you require grant to help cover childcare costs during the conference days, please include it here too.
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