beLEGAL questionnaire
The beLEGAL committee wants your input on 3 keypoints we are working on:
1) Legalisation
2) Umbrella insurance
3) General expectations

We thank you for your input

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ESN Gent is working out their legalisation, ESN Leuven and ESN Antwerp are already legally nonprofit organisations. We want to map if there's any interest in legalisation from other sections or even section cooperation on this matter. If there's currently no projects/thoughts/cooperation going on in your section, you can leave this blank.
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Umbrella insurance *
As legalisation isn't possible for smaller sections because it's expensive, we are looking into a possible umbrella insurance under ESN Belgium so that your board members and volunteers are properly insured. Are you interested in this kind of project?
General expectations of beLEGAL *
In a wide and general view. How do you think we can help you as sections? Write it down, even if it's only vaguely related to legal matters. This helps us produce a clear idea of what can be expected so we can act accordingly.
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