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This is a simple form to be added to my update list. This list will be emailed with any important updates, to announce when my adoption applications are open and when litters are available.

This is NOT my adoption application. You are not approved by joining this.

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Other names you may use (such as on facebook or email), so I do not get confused if you contact me under a different name.
Please let me know which name you would like to be called and what pronoun. If You wish.
Location? Please note I am currently ONLY having rats picked up. Please note my location. *
I am located in Dunkirk, NY 14048 (Western, New York state. On Lake Erie south of Buffalo and North of Erie PA.)
Have you read my websites adoption terms, FAQ, adoption process, and prices? *
When my adoption application opens you will be required to have proof of proper caging and know of a local vet who will treat rats. Do you understand this? *
Do you understand that breeding takes a lot of time? You can stay on this update list for as long as you would like, if you are not yet ready to adopt or waiting for something specific that is fine! Please have patience though, breeding takes time. It is generally a 3-6 month wait for babies depending on if you want something very specific. *
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