2018 New Cast Member Packet & Bio Form
This information packet is designed to explain the event to you, answer your questions and includes a questionnaire (Bio Sheet) that we would need returned if you would like to be considered for the Zombie Farms Cast or Crew.
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FAQs - Please read the following information before completing the Bio Form
What is Zombie Farms, LLC?
ZF is a haunted trail that winds through a ½ mile of natural woods on a 33 acre farm in Winterville GA. The trail takes about 25-30 minutes to walk safely in the dark. We will be open to the public the all 4 weekends in October on Friday and Saturday nights.

Who is running the event?
Zombie Farms LLC is operated by Patrick and Cynthia MacDonald, who own the farm. However, we will have cast supervisors for our different teams, so you will always have a point of contact for your questions and issues.

What will be required of the cast and crew?
This event will be handled much like a play production. We will have some paid positions for people that will be working all open nights in key areas. We need human/speaking actors, zombie actors, and other supernatural type actors, guides along the trail, parking attendants, front end customer service, and equipment managers.

Is my cast position a paid position?
Not all cast positions are paid positions. Only people that commit to all open nights are eligible for pay. We have approximately 75 paid positions. You will know ahead of time whether or not your cast position is a paid or volunteer position (a.k.a. extra). All our extras will be scheduled ahead of time. Please DO NOT show up expecting to be given a part if we have not coordinated with you ahead of time.

If I am working, what commitment will be expected?
All people working the event (paid and volunteer) will be required to come to our “Dress Rehearsal” on September 29th. We will do makeup, go over safety procedures and give each person time to practice in their position. Plan to be here at 6pm. We expect to be done by 11pm that evening. We also ask that all actors show up at least 1 hour early each night we are open. This gives us time to help with makeup, costumes, and make last minute cast adjustments.

In addition to the Dress Rehearsal night, there will be 1 practice night for each scene. There are 6 practice nights, so you will just need to pick the one that fits your schedule best and sign up for that. The practice nights will be less formal than Dress Rehearsal and allow us to coach each scene a little more in depth, so you will be ready to test it all out on Dress Rehearsal night. We will give you the options for practice nights once we announce the cast list for this year.

If I’m in a paid position, how does the pay get calculated?
We will pay based on the operation hours of the event, starting when we open that night (either 7:30 or 8pm). You will not receive payment for the Dress Rehearsal, practice nights, or makeup and costume time. If we close early or cannot open due to inclement weather, you will be paid for the time we were open that night, if applicable. Payment is only based on the times we are entertaining our customers for the nights you are present. You must also work ALL nights we are open to receive payment.

When will I receive the money I earn?
If you are in a paid position, we will mail checks on November 9th, if you have worked all nights as agreed. All checks will be mailed the same day. Please make sure we have your correct name and mailing address. Please do not ask to pick up your check in person as there are too many cast members too coordinate with.

Why is ZF asking for volunteers instead of paying everyone?
We are still a relatively new event and paying for some of our initial investments. So the expenses are large. Each volunteer is a blessing and helps us get closer to knowing we will be able to run ZF for a long time to come. But rest assured if you are assigned a paid position and work all nights as agreed, you will be paid at the end of the season.

Can I bring a friend to help me on the night(s) I work?
No. We can only have cast members who have gone through the steps like you have to fill out a questionnaire, audition, practice, and earned an assigned role.

Will ZF provide my costume?
We will have some costumes, but you may prefer to find your own. We will discuss this with you individually, depending on the role you are given. Work boots of some sort would be best since you will be walking in woods. No white tennis shoes are allowed. If you do not have these items, I would suggest checking the local thrift stores.

Will ZF provide the makeup?
For most actors, we will provide a mask to match your character, so please be ready to wear a mask each night. A few characters may need makeup, and we will have a makeup team on staff to apply their makeup. If you are someone who needs minimal makeup or uses a makeup, you may not need to be early for makeup time. We will discuss this with you individually.

Many roles require a mask to be worn, so please be prepared to wear one if your position requires a mask. If a mask is required, ZF will provide it for you.

I’ve never been a zombie or worked at a haunted attraction. What do I need to know?
Experience is NOT required, but enthusiasm and commitment are very important!
Most actors will NOT be zombies. We have a lot of character roles to fill.

Our zombies will be the “old school” George Romero zombies (slow and newly dead). If you haven’t watched Night of the Living Dead, that’s your study guide. Our zombies will NOT be the fast zombies of 28 Days Later. Here is a link to watch the original for free:
For other roles like humans, monsters, and trail guides we will coach you on how to act and what to do.

What are some important things to remember?
1. Zombies (and all other actors types) never talk on cell phones! One zombie, ghost or monster on a cell phone call and you've ruined the experience for the customers. Leave your cellphone in your car, if possible. If you must have it with you, DO NOT use it on the trail during the event. The glow of the cell phone can be seen far away. If you are seen talking or texting on a cellphone in a position viewable by customers, YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE. If your cellphone is heard ringing in a position noticeable by customers, YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE.
2. Stay in character at all times, even going to and from the bathroom or actor camp.
3. NEVER touch or chase the customers. The trail is a natural walking trail and therefore has many inherent dangers. We want the customers walking slowly at all times.
4. October temperatures vary, but you should expect some cold nights. Dress in layers.
5. We recommend bringing a bottle of water, a flashlight, and small snack each night.

We are excited about your interest in Zombie Farms!

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We will have dress rehearsal on September 29th. You will be required to come that night to practice. Can you do so? *
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We will be open all 4 weekends on Friday and Saturday nights in October from 7:30pm-midnight (some nights could go later). Cast and crew will need to arrive NO LATER THAN 6:30. Will that be a problem for you? *
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