RSNA-ASNR-MICCAI BraTS 2021 Challenge: Registration Form for Task 1 (Segmentation)
Thank you for your interest in the BraTS 2021 Challenge! This form is to help get you set up in the Synapse platform for Task 1 (Segmentation). This information is required in order to gain access to the BraTS 2021 Challenge training data.

What to expect:
1) Fill out this form
2) After you submit, a Synapse system administrator will email you the next steps.
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Please enter your personal information. This will only be used when organizing the BraTS 2021 Challenge and when writing and submitting the BraTS 2021 Challenge manuscript and will not be shared with anyone outside the challenge organizing team.
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Team Information
Please add information about your team here. Please know that Task 1 of the BraTS 2021 Challenge is hosted on Synapse, while Task 2 is hosted on Kaggle. If you intend to participant in both tasks, please use same team name across for both.
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Task 2 is being hosted on Kaggle.
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