CWNS Volunteer feedback 19/20
Dear volunteer,

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with feedback about the project. Your comments are always appreciated.

This feedback form is an opportunity for you to let us know your thoughts. You might want to tell us about a shift you just did, a problem with your rota or availability, a positive observation or a concern about a guest, an improvement suggestion, a problem you have with another volunteer, etc.

We will use this to improve our response and the way we operate the Night Shelter. If you would like to make an anonymous comment, please write "Anonymous" in the name box.
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If you'd like to report a problem, please be as specific as possible about it, and make sure you provide contact details so we can follow up with you. If you would like to report a SAFEGUARDING CONCERN, please DON'T WRITE IT HERE. Instead, contact first your venue coordinator, and if not available or the concern is about them, contact directly Bernardo: / 07450 693897, or Helen: / 07713 340065. More details about safeguarding can be found in the CWNS volunteer handbook.
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GDPR - the content of your answers to this form will be treated with confidentiality and not be shared with third parties without your express consent or unless required by law (e.g. to report a crime). *
If your comment is a POSITIVE FEEDBACK OR STORY, please tick if you would let us use it for publicity of the project. If it's not something that can be shared, please tick the appropriate option.
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