Unconference @ Eloquence 2018!
Unconference @ Eloquence is all about sharing a part of what makes you, you... with others! A part of you that someone can not only learn to appreciate but also learn, imbibe and recreate in 5-10 minutes. These are the categories:

Performing Arts - Can you teach Zumba? Krav maga?
Linguistic Arts - Are you good at creating Haiku? Acapella singing?
Creative Arts - Are you good at Origami? Candle-making?
Other Forms - Tell us your unique skill!

Remember, it's not just about showcasing your talent, but teaching another kindred spirit in 5-10 minutes!

Eloquence 2018 will be hosted at the Novotel Hyderabad International Convention Center from 18th - 20th May. To be a presenter at Unconference @ Eloquence, you must be registered for Eloquence 2018. Visit district98.org/HydAwaitsYou if you're not registered yet!

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