Aspen Chapel Survey
Welcome to the Aspen Chapel "Together the Chapel" survey! This is our chance to learn more about our Chapel community: our values and priorities, and how we should guide the Chapel's programs and facilities going forward. Thanks to the vision of the Chapel's founders--and the energy of many dedicated people along the way--the Chapel celebrated its first 50 years in 2019. It now falls to us to plan the way forward, so we can continue to thrive and serve over the next 50 years. Whether you are a regular at Chapel events and programs, or you simply drive by the Chapel regularly--thank you for joining in this survey and helping shape Aspen Chapel's future.

The survey should take a total of 5 minutes. Your responses are anonymous unless you opt to provide your name and email (both optional) at the end of the survey. 
1. How would you identify your primary relationship to Aspen Chapel? (pick one)
2. How do you describe the Chapel? (pick one)
3. What best describes the mission that drives the Chapel TODAY? (pick one)
4. And now a few questions about you! Are you...
5. How old are you?
6. Are you...?
7. Where do you live most of the time?
8. How long have you attended services or programs at the Chapel?
9. How often do you go to the Aspen Chapel?
10. Do you ever stream our live or recorded video from the Chapel's website?
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