So You Want to Speak at the Monktoberfest
When JJ Abrams asked the TED organizers what he should talk about, the entirety of their advice to him was "Be Profound." For would be speakers at the Monktoberfest, our advice is similarly straightforward: "be really, really good." One of the things the Monktoberfest, Monki Gras and ThingMonk have in common is the uniform excellence of our speakers. They are not only creative and compelling, they are prepared, rehearsed and engaging.

We expect nothing less this year.

As for topics, that's up to you. There are two rules:

1. You must touch on both social and technology, however you define those terms
2. No product talks, sponsor or otherwise

From there, we're open. We've had first time speakers, we've had people who've been doing it for years. At the end of the day, we're simply looking for excellent talks you wouldn't hear at any another conference. In a perfect world, you’ll make the attendees think about the world they’re a part of and their role in it.

Be interesting, be insightful, be original but most importantly, be really, really good.


Q: What's the deadline?
A: Technically, there is no hard deadline. That said, as a single track conference, our slots are extremely limited. If you come up with a great idea in August, for example, by all means reach out. We just can't guarantee an opening, particularly with a fair portion already spoken for.

Q: How long are the talks?
A: Thirty minutes.

Q: Should I assume deep technical knowledge?
A: The majority of our audience is very technical, but they come from very different backgrounds and disciplines. If you want to go deep on one technology only, your best bet is to head to a conference about that technology.

Q: Can we have a meeting to discuss topics and ideas?
A: Apologies, but between the conference and our day jobs this just isn't possible. Besides, everything you should need to craft a great idea is here.

Q: I'd like to purchase a speaking slot, how can that be arranged?
A: It can't. We do not sell speaking slots at the conference.

Q: Can I nominate someone else I'd like to hear speak?
A: Certainly! We always appreciate suggestions, particularly where potential speakers might be enticed by the best beers in the world.

Q: I've already been asked to speak - do I need to submit a proposal?
A: If we've talked separately, you're all set.

Q: Where can I get an idea of the kinds of talks that have appeared previously?
A: You can view past Monktoberfest talks at
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