2021 In-Kind Donation Form
Thank you for your willingness to contribute to GEM's disaster and crisis relief missions. The following form will be used to coordinate donation deliveries and provide you with a receipt for tax purposes at the end of year.

Please ensure information represents the correct name you would like reflected on your end of year giving statement. Every line must be completed to process all donations.

If any questions, please call 1-800-995-7604 (option 3 or 6) to speak with our National Aid Director or email logistics@globalempowermentmission.org
Donor Point of Contact/Title *
Legal Company Name *
(E.g. Global Empowerment Mission, Inc)
Product Name *
Tax ID # *
(E.g. EIN #: 45-3782061)
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Contact Cell # *
Description of donated items (Add as much detail as possible regarding quantities / sizes / weight) *
How will this donation be packed? (size of boxes or # of pallets) *
Location this donation will be originating from? *
Date you expect GEM to receive the donation *
Please provide name, phone # and email of the contact handling outgoing shipment of donation *
Estimated RETAIL VALUE of your donation: *
Note: Donations to Global Empowerment Mission are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. We do not assign a valuation to in-kind donations; it is the donor's responsibility to maintain receipts and/or appraisals for tax purposes. *
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Email of contact receiving GEM acknowledgement letter *
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