#NotEnough4ME Campaign Next Steps Community Meeting
UPDATE: We held a "closed door" community meeting on Tuesday, 11/12 to discuss how people can participate in our next action in the #NotEnough4ME campaign. The call was recorded. If you are interested in participating then register below and we will share a recording of the call with you.

We require you to use your real name, no pseudonyms, along with personal identifying information such as physical address and telephone number so we know who you are. This is to protect the integrity of the campaign and our discussions.

Everyone who cares about fighting the NIH for real action for ME is welcome to join. There are accessible actions you can take to fight with us even if your health function is limited.

By registering you agree to receive emails from #MEAction. You may opt-out at any time.

Questions? Email us! notenough4me@meaction.net

Please encourage others you know who are ready to take action and demand change to register for more info. We need everyone's help. Share this link: http://bit.ly/NotENough4ME-meeting
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