Application for the Western Mass Queer Makers Market
The Western Mass Queer Makers Market happens twice a year, around the Summer and Winter Solstices.

The 2019 summer market will be on June 23, 11-4 at Flywheel Arts in Easthampton. The deadline for vendor submissions is May 1.

The 2019 winter market will be December 15, 11-4 at Flywheel Arts in Easthampton. The deadline for vendor submissions is November 1.

You'll receive an automated confirmation after submitting your application. We will then email you by May 8/November 8 to let you know if you are accepted. For folks who don't make it in, there will be a waiting list.

Email address *
Name you go by *
First and last name
Name of business (if you have one)
Handle on Instagram
A short bio (under 100 words) that you feel comfortable being shared on the website and Instagram, should you be accepted to the market. Include your name or the name of your business, your website or online shop (if applicable), and your pronoun(s), if that's information you'd like people to have. *
We are seeking folks all over the LGBTQ2SIA+ spectrum with encouragement and priority given to vendors with intersecting marginalized identities, particularly folks of color and/or trans feminine folks. If you'd like to tell us anything about your identities that you didn't cover in your bio, feel free to here.
A description of what you make (or service you provide), including some info about the raw materials you use. Note: while this event isn't strictly fragrance free, we won't be accepting products that include synthetic fragrance. *
Submit 3-5 photos of your work (you can include a photo of yourself if you'd like). *
Specify which photo you'd like used to accompany your bio on the website. *
Please include short image descriptions for each of your photos to help us make Instagram posts accessible for visually impaired folks. If you aren't sure how to write image descriptions, you can find lots of good info by searching on google. *
What size space would you like? Note: Vendors are responsible for bringing their own tables. Vendor fees pay event costs, not table rentals. *
Are you flexible about table size? Specify below what other size works for you. *
If you chose the 3' option, specify if you prefer sharing a table with another vendor or will be bringing your own 3' table.
Do you have specific needs about where you are placed in the venue?
While we wish we could accept everyone, we are working with limited space. If you aren't accepted, would you like to be on the waiting list in case anyone drops out? Often this happens at the very last minute, please specify if you would be able to join us with less than 24 hour notice.
Thank you so much! xoxoxo
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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