Student Priorities Survey
Hi friends. We've all spent the last few weeks coming to terms with the notion that we'll have to keep litigating drug policy and intersecting issues that many of us felt were on a clear path to resolution. While the last election was very successful for state-level cannabis reform (thanks in no small part to us!), our movement has been set back in ways we hadn't imagined. Now that we've all had some time to reflect, dialogue, and process, SSDP staff needs to hear from all of you: what piece of our work is most critical for you in the coming years, and what tactics are most exciting for you to lead/participate in?

Note that this survey, while in response to the US election, can be used by our international chapters as a feedback mechanism as well, and both your concerns about how US policy influences other policy and your local/national priorities can be shared here.

Please complete this survey before Dec 5.

What is your relationship with SSDP?
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What sections and intersections of drug policy reform interest you? *
Recognizing that the edges between these categories are often blurry, please identify your interest in the following.
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This is what fuels my passion
Alcohol policy reform & lowering the drinking age
Criminal justice reform (mandatory minimums, civil asset forfeiture, prison abolition, etc)
Harm reduction policy &/or practice for drug users
Substance use disorder and drug misuse
Campus drug culture, Greek life & drug use
Gender, sexuality, and drug policy (LGBT and women drug users, sexual violence & drugs)
Hemp & industrial hemp
Nightlife drug use & drug checking
Pharmaceutical industry reform
Psychedelic research, therapy, and policy reform
Racial justice (policing, New Jim Crow, immigration)
How interested are you in participating in each of these activities? *
Not at all
I would/do participate in this activity
I would/do organize this activity
I'd rather do this than anything else
Volunteering with harm reduction organizations
Volunteering with criminal justice organizations (expungement, ban the box, reentry)
Presenting educational programs about drugs and drug policy
Distributing informational materials
Advocating for international policy reform
Advocating for campus policy reform
Advocating for municipal/state policy reform
Advocating for national policy reform
Writing persuasive, investigative, or educational content
Drug research
Direct action (protests, demonstrations, rallies)
Anything else you want to tell us about your SSDP interests?
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