Symposium "Architecture for Autonomy"
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“Architecture for autonomy: activating learning territories” invites architects, academics, activists and members, of cooperatives, NGOs and social movements, to dialogue about new urban pedagogies and ways of fostering communal and autonomous territories.

In recent years we have seen the rise of innovative practices of collective construction that point towards an experience of democracy in action and social emancipation. How can we empower even further this transitional movement from an hegemonic and sometimes colonialist and top down demeanor towards a more complex, inclusive, resilient and ecologically integrated set of architectural practices?

By discussing an architecture for autonomy, we are reclaiming the right to the city and developing a resilient capacity, while at the same time building a shared urban commons framework. Ultimately this dialogue wishes to encourage counter-narratives and the emergence of points of view that question how we perceive identity, time, the others, community, city and territory.

The symposium is being organized by the collective Escola Sem Muros, and will be a collateral event of the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale.

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6ht, 7th and 8th of july, from 10h till 19h
Venice, Italy


Opening Conference: "the reality of architecture and the real architecture" with Marcella Arruda (Escola Sem Muros) and Bernardo Amaral (Collective Worker)

Conferences: "freedom and critics in architecture pedagogy" with Bianca Elzenbaumer (Comunfare), Rossina Sharatova (EASA Bulgaria), Dora Gorenak (EASA Croatia), and Veronica Serena (Camposaz)

Lab: "tools for a pedagogy of freedom". Participants will rotate by five tables with specific themes, discussing the concepts which are the foundation for this pedagogical proposal, and which are the limits and challenges we face to change the current way of learning architecture

Conferences: "agency for an integrated architecture and autonomous territories" with Paola Cannavó (LabGov), Giulio Grillo (Rebiennale), Patrick Hubmman (Constructlab), Kristine Samson (Performative Citizenship), Gabriela Weiss (Waste on Board), Jorge Noreña (Ruta4)

Lab: "activating learning territories to protect the commons - strategies and tactics"
Arena format, where four chairs are located in the middle of the public, and the people who speak fluidly occupy the place of speech.

Exhibition of the documentary "Hacer Mucho Con Poco", from Al Borde, Ecuador.


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