v8 Beta Feedback
Thanks for your help! Our main goals for this redesign are to better organize the content (top stories at the top, columns for news, food, and arts below) and to make the site more "responsive" (ie. perform better at wide desktop screen resolutions AND small mobile screen resolutions).

Please try to make your comments constructive! There are four real people working behind the scenes here to make the new site (Neil, Jake, David, and Greg). Constructive feedback focuses on specific issues (ie. "I'm having a hard time reading the blog body font") vs. sweeping generalizations ("Fuck this design- I hate, hate, hate it, and I hate you!") and includes advice about how to improve the problem ("consider making the blog body font bigger, and sans-serif- maybe News Gothic", etc). Offer advice in the spirit of the sincere friendship we all feel for one another!

We'd like to note a few common issues that we are aware of to save you time:

* the BLOG VIEW will continue to be offered (http://gothamist.com/blog.php) Blog view will always be an option, FOREVER! Local-only on blog view will continue to be an option. We are open to ideas for improving blog view!
* We are aware the newsmap is broken, and are working to fix it.
* We are working on the fonts- fonts are hard and readability is our main goal
* We are working on the lower part of the front page to make the three-column area easier to read

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