Junior - February 2021
SAT Prep - Assignment due February 28
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SAT Prep - All juniors will be taking the SAT this spring. Get more familiar with the test (or brush up your test taking skills) by clicking the link below.
Click on Tips for Effective, Efficient Studying on the left. Read the strategies for HOW TO... understand the material. Which strategy would probably work best for you in this area and why? *
Read the strategies for HOW TO... stay focused. Which strategy would probably work best for you when it comes to focusing during your practice time and why? *
Read the strategies for HOW TO... study for the SAT in particular. Which strategy would probably work best for you when it comes to studying and why? *
Read over the list of free study technology at the bottom of the page. Are you already using any of these when it comes to test prep and organization? If not, which one seems like it might work well for you? *
Click Tips for Test Day on the left. What are some suggestions for the night before the test? *
Plan your ideal test morning. What time will you get up, what would you like to eat for breakfast, what time will you arrive to school to take the test, etc.? *
Read the tips for the math test. What tip(s) is especially useful to you? *
Read the tips for the reading test. What tip(s) would help you the most? *
Read the rest of the tips for the whole test. Name three that will most likely help you out. *
Is there a penalty for guessing on the SAT? *
Click Test Day: What to Expect and What to Bring on the left. How many breaks will you be given? *
When are SAT scores usually available and how will you know that they are available? *
Aside from your ticket, ID, pencils, and a calculator, name some other items you might want to bring to the test. *
This website offers a lot of FREE SAT practice. Click Full Length SATs to Take on Paper on the left. Read about their Daily Practice for the SAT app. Is this something you plan to download? *
There are 8 printable practice tests and there are also practice tests online at Khan Academy. Do you plan to do any practice? *
Did you know that the SAT can also be used to qualify for the PROMISE Scholarship? Visit CFWV's site to view PROMISE eligibility requirements.
What is the SAT total score requirement for PROMISE? *
What is the SAT math score requirement for PROMISE? *
What is the SAT reading/writing score requirement for PROMISE? *
UB Winter Evaluation
If you attended the December Challenge Session, what are your thoughts on the financial literacy ("Being Broke Ain't Sexy") presentation?
If you attended the January Challenge Session, how was it helpful to you? The presentations were author Jon Corcoran and then a magic show.
Have you been keeping up with your advising sessions every month? How have these been helpful to you? Remember you must schedule these with Chelsey or Khristi. All UB students must participate. *
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